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Posi-Shell® a Life Saver for One County Landfill

November 2nd, 2016

  • Posi-Shell® a Life Saver for One County Landfill

The Asheville (NC) Citizen-Times’ Answer Man columnist (Jim Boyle) was recently asked about the life expectancy of a local county landfill. After dropping off some yard waste to the Buncombe County Landfill, a reader wondered how long the landfill would last, and whether the county had a plan for when the landfill is full. Answer Man had some good news for the reader, explaining how Posi-Shell Alternate Daily Cover was not only helping to extend the landfill’s life by 20–25 years, but also helping the bio-reactor and methane gas program.

Answer Man spoke to Kristy Smith, Buncombe County Landfill’s bio-reactor manager, who was upbeat about the benefits of Posi-Shell for the facility. After noting that “it takes up less space” because the landfill no longer has to use the voluminous and expensive daily soil cover, Smith was effusive in her praise:

“[Posi-Shell] is actually part of what really been saving the life of the landfill over the past 10 years." And because Posi-Shell has replaced soil at the landfilll, “leachate and gas can move more freely throughout the garbage . . . so {Posi-Shell definitely helps with decomposition.”

To read the full article please visit http://www.citizen-times.com/story/news/local/2016/10/25/answer-man-buncombe-landfill-lifespan-pearson-bridge-light/92688658/