Posi-Shell® Applications:

Vertical Faces & Balefills

The Posi-Shell® Cover formulation provides excellent adhesion to vertical faces, such as those found in balefills or solid waste excavations. The continuous coating provided by Posi-Shell, together with its long-term durability make it ideal for this application.

Virginia, Balefill
Posi-Shell Cover works to control odors and wind-blown litter in landfill operations of all sizes, including balefills and landfill excavations. "The City of Bristol has been using the Posi-Shell Cover System at its Integrated Solid Waste Management Facility since March 2001 and is quite pleased with the performance of the product. We use the system in our cover operations for both solid waste disposal and landfill mining, as well as some erosion control applications. We have been particularly impressed with how well it works when applied to the vertical faces of the balefill operation as a fire control measure, and with the added benefit of odor control. Your product works well, is easy to use and is an integral part of our daily operation."

Wyoming, Balefill
"We needed a cost-effective approach for using the awesome Posi-Shell product on our small, 250-ton (227 metric tons) per day landfill, and you responded with excellent customer service, providing a solution allowing use of our own hydroseeding unit and silo; thereby, saving us thousands of dollars each year. Our regulator loves the Posi-Shell product for covering our Balefill face--it's the best product that we have found. Not only does it help with litter, it is a great fire retardant. I can't thank you enough for being sensitive to our unique budget constraints, and for finding a workable solution for us. "

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