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    If you're looking to extend the life of your landfill, Posi-Shell is the best answer, bar none! The unmatched service provided by LSC, coupled with the easy use of the applicator, minimal time involved in daily maintenance, and ease of cleaning the unit, will have your entire landfill team motivated in no time.

    This is a total daily cover system, which from start to finish will only take about an hour to apply. The other uses within the landfill are endless including storm water management and erosion control applications. Landfill operators will achieve huge air-space savings year-in and year-out, with the use of this system.

    Brian Van Straten
    Public Works Manager
    Santa Cruz County, California

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    Posi-Shell has met and exceeded all expectations we had for a daily cover. Additionally, we are disposing of waste latex paint and leachate daily with Posi-Shell while extending the life of our landfill. Posi-Shell has made my job easier and the landfill more profitable.

    I would also like to note that LSC offers superb customer service.

    Duwaine Brigman
    Division of Environmental Control
    Sarpy County, Nebraska

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    I cannot tell you how important Posi-Shell is to our company and operation in Sampson County.

    Posi-Shell saves us a great deal of money in the short term and over the life of the site. This is an important factor in today's economic picture.

    Jerry Johnson
    Vice President, Landfill Division
    Waste Industries USA

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    Orange County landfill first began using Posi -Shell in late 1996, following extensive investigation of a variety of alternative daily cover products available at that time.

    Posi-Shell performed significantly better than any of the other products and has been saving Orange County approximately $2,500 daily in air space in the years we've used it.

    Gayle Wilson
    Director, Orange County Solid Waste Mgmt.
    Chapel Hill, North Carolina

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    Thanks for a product and service that has exceeded our expectation. From daily cover to intermediate cover, from fire prevention to fire suppression, you have a product that works!

    Pete Reed
    Director, Bi-County Solid Waste

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    This product works well, is easy to use, and is a major part of our daily operations.

    I would not operate a landfill without it.

    Hank Van Laarhoven
    Director of Operations
    Greater New Bedford RRMD
    New Bedford, Massachusetts

  • Our use of LSC's Solar Flare system has been a quick, effective fix to site odor issues caused by landfill gas. We have been installing these flares on our leachate collection risers with very little effort or expense. The service level has exceeded expectations, with quick order placement and delivery, and follow-up to see how the flares are performing.

    Raymond J. Hoffman, P.E.
    North Carolina Area Engineer
    Republic Services

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    LSC has been a great asset to the Weatherford Landfill. Their customer service is unprecedented and at all times dependable. Their personnel are among the friendliest and most reliable from any service corporation that I have worked with in my 18 years as a waste industry professional.

    Joe E. Miller
    Landfill Manager
    Weatherford, TX