Posi-Shell® Applications:

Sludge & Tar Lagoons

Sludge & Tar Lagoons
Posi-Shell® Cover System is uniquely suited to coat sludge or tar lagoons, which require application from the outside perimeter of the lagoon. This system controls the emission of volatiles, which reduces odor, and it also eliminates rainwater run-off contamination.

Ontario, Canada, Landfill
"During the last three years, our landfill has received over 85,000 tonnes of sewage sludge which we processed and stockpiled as top soil. This stockpile can emit significant odors, if not abated. The use of Posi-Shell cover over the sludge has proven to be very effective as an odor abatement method."

New York, Chemical Waste Company
"Recently we installed a cap of cover material over two surface impoundments which contained a tar-like sludge. The material we selected for this project was the Posi-Shell cement compound marketed by your firm. Our problem with the surface impoundments involved a regulatory agency's concern over fugitive emissions and odor. In the past, the agency personnel received a number of odor complaints related to our impoundments. A contractor applied the Posi-Shell to a thickness of about one-half inch over the surface of the impoundments. The results brought satisfied comments from the regulatory people. We saw an immediate reduction of odors and solved a very difficult engineering problem of choosing a material that would stay on the surface of the lagoons without being removed by wind. Thank you for working with us to solve this challenge!"

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