Posi-Shell® Equipment:

PSA 2000

Applicator Features:

  • 2,000 gallon (7571 liter) mixing tank
  • Per Load Coverage to 20,000 sq. ft. (1858 sq. meter)
  • On-board reserve water tank
  • Full-width clean-out hatch
  • Large working deck

Applicator Data:

Application Time: (Per Load)

1-man crew

60-90 minutes

2 man crew

50-70 minutes




2,000 gal.
7,570 liters


9' 2"
2.8 meters


11' 4"
3.5 meters

Length (including draw bar)

24' 4"
7.4 mteres

Weight (empty)

15,000 lbs
6804 kg

Weight (full)

38,000 lbs
17,237 kg


4 cyl Diesel
51 hp.

  • The PSA 2000 is equipped for towing with mobile equipment (such as a CAT D5 or larger sized bulldozer or equivalent)
  • Steel wheels provide exceptional durability and service.
  • Options such as foam-filled rubber tires are available. Heavy duty suspension and undercarriage are designed for all work zone surfaces.
  • The PSA 2000 is self contained; no auxiliary power is required.
  • Fully OSHA compliant for mixing the mortar slurry and 'spray applying' the product.
  • One person can perform all mixing, spraying, and clean-out operations.

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