Posi-Shell®: Options & Accessories


Severe Weather Enclosure
The severe weather enclosure option, with controls inside a heated compartment, effectively shields the Posi-Shell® operator from harsh weather conditions during application of the Posi-Shell Cover.

Secondary Discharge Wand
With the addition of a secondary discharge wand, application of Posi-Shell can be made from either side of the unit, allowing the operator to pull or back the Applicator in a convenient manner to access any spray area.

Rubber Tires Upgrade
The standard Posi-Shell Applicator is outfitted with steel wheels that require the unit to be towed at a walking pace. By outfitting the Applicator with pneumatic, solid rubber, or foam-filled rubber tires, it can be towed at a faster pace.

These tires are rugged enough to track through waste, plus they also create a much softer tow on hard roads.

Leachate Pumping Unit
With the increasing popularity of the Bioreactor Landfill, many customers are seeking methods of introducing liquids (water or leachate) back into the waste.

In cooperation with a Canadian customer, LSC has developed an Applicator with a specially designed pumping unit capable of drawing high quantities of liquid from water trucks or tanks, and applying it directly onto the working face.

Latex Paint Recycling Kit
Do you want to eliminate the cost of disposing of waste latex paint collected at the landfill?

With LSC Environmental Products, LLC's waste latex paint recycling kits, this material can be added right into the Posi-Shell mixture, providing flexibility of the coating and a beneficial use of the waste product by recycling and eliminating the costs associated with other disposal methods.

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