Posi-Shell® Cover System

Posi-Shell® is a spray-applied mineral mortar coating, similar to stucco, used for landfill daily cover, intermediate cover, erosion prevention, and odor control. By replacing expensive and sometimes scarce soil, Posi-Shell preserves a valuable natural resource and conserves air space, thus greatly extending the life of a landfill. Our product meets and exceeds regulatory requirements for the control of landfill vectors, fires, odors, blowing litter, and scavenging.  Posi-Shell also has numerous non-landfill errosion control applications such as highway  slope stabilization, dust control at chemical facilities and other industrial sites, construction site erosion control and more.

Posi-Shell Cover is non-flammable and durable. Simple to mix and easy to use, the Posi-Shell Cover System consists of a liquid base (water or leachate), Posi-Pak® P-100 Fibers, and PSM-200™ Setting Agent. Depending on desired durability and color, Portland cement and various dyes may also be used in the mixture. Because it forms a durable, non-flammable crust that resists wind and water erosion, Posi-Shell is also ideal for applications such as ditch-lining, dust control, cover for contaminated soil, compost, coal, or cement clinker piles, mining applications, voc suppression, sludge tar lagoons, and similar industrial purposes.

Posi-Shell materials come in easy-to-handle bags. Portland cement may be handled in bags or via a bulk storage and transfer silo.

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