Posi-Shell® Applications:

Daily, Intermediate, and Long-Term Cover

Posi-Shell® has been approved for daily cover, intermediate and long-term cover for landfills, stockpiles, and hazardous waste sites. The primary component of the formulation are mineral binders reinforced with structural composite fibers, which results in excellent resistance to erosion and cracking and provides long-term durability in various weather conditions.

Applying Posi-Shell cover is a simple one-person operation using either the specialized Posi-Shell equipment or a standard hydroseeding unit. One load of Posi-Shell requires just one hour for mixing, application, and rinse-out. Landfill operators realize a huge savings in airspace, labor, machinery, and fuel costs through use of the Posi-Shell Cover System over traditional soil cover.

After application, the Posi-Shell slurry hardens to a non-flammable, durable coating that easily conforms to the irregular contours of a landfill. Its color and texture provide a uniform appearance that is aesthetically appealing to nearby residents.

Posi-Shell is highly effective in preventing wind-blown litter, landfill fires, scavenging, and vector problems. Posi-Shell has met the rigorous standards required for approval by numerous state regulatory agencies and has been favorably evaluated for Superfund use by the USEPA. Made of non-flammable, non-toxic materials, Posi-Shell is an environmentally compatible, multi-purpose landfill cover solution.

Posi-Shell Cover System:

  • Conserves airspace
  • Mitigates odors
  • Reduces airborne debris
  • Controls vector populations
  • Enhances safety through non-flammability
  • Discourages scavenging
  • Cuts operating expenses
  • Extends landfill life
  • Increases profits

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